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This drives me absolutely insane.

Do you know what really grinds my gears? YouTubers who can seemingly “find” a scrap exotic car for virtually zero dollars at auction, spend months rebuilding it [showcased through videos with clickbaity titles], brag about what a great job they did, drag race it against a non-scrapped equivalent car, and finally gloat about what a great deal theirs was by comparison.

If you haven’t partaken in this mindless YouTube rabbit hole, congratulations – you are a better person than I. But I am putting my foot down. I have had enough.

The final straw was a series about a dude who bought a scrapped Porsche, and then apparently repaired it fully on his own, learning how to do so in the process. Sure – I’m cool with that, makes sense, it’s a DIY’er type project I can get behind, and I’d probably have done the same thing if I had an opportunity. But the latest round of videos is what really got me. How is it that someone who can apparently repair the frame of a vehicle, replace a roof, swap out all exterior paneling, add a body kit and factory finish paint the entire vehicle, can miss a bent tie-rod – causing the vehicle to constantly track towards one side of the road?

How is it that the same person can also miss obvious damage to the undercarriage from the forklift that hauled the vehicle through the scrap yard to the auction? And then have the audacity to blame Porche for missing it as well? (I’m not linking the video series here. But if you dig deep enough I’m sure you can figure it out based on my clues – the actual videos are even worse than I’ve described, I promise).

How is it this video can get 2.4 million views in 4 days?

None of this makes any sense. What makes even less sense, is that there is an endless amount of videos and content producers just like this one. Who is funding them? Where do these cars come from? Do they really expect us to believe they did all this work themselves? More importantly – How do they keep getting recommended to me? WHY DO I KEEP WATCHING THEM?


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