So yeah, I think it goes without saying..

For some reason I woke up, panic struck – “What if someone reads this blog and actually thinks I’m trying to teach them about PHP and classes and objects!?”. Yeah, that’s not happening, but let’s say in some weird multiverse it is. Spoiler alert – I don’t know what’s going on here any more than you do.

I hope to, someday. But, for now – I’m just using this as a spot to write down what’s happening at any given time. There are way more informative blogs out there if you really want to learn something.

And now, on with the show.

Author: Greg
Middle-aged father of two - still a kid at heart! Lover of all things geeky, trivia, factoids, craft beers, and procrastination. #SnorlaxIsMySpiritAnimal. #CanadianEh! "I don't know. Fly casual."

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