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Resin 3D Printers – A very entry level primer (Conclusion)

This series actually went on longer than I thought it would. In writing it, I realized I’ve learned more in a few months than I’d originally thought!

Now that we’re at this point, I wanted to quickly mention some plans for the future as they represent “the next phase” in this 3D Printing Adventure, at least for me.

I need to optimize my setup. Taking over a bathroom space is fine for right now, but every time my wife goes into that room she points out how annoying it is. One of the plans for this is obtaining a mylar 3D-printing tent/enclosure that allows me to fully seal the printer, minimizing fume leakage. Ideally I’d like to move this rig to the garage, and for winter-printing (where the temperature in the garage has gone as low as -2c), I may need to add some sort of heat-source to keep the printer from freezing.

Better ventilation. The Elegoo Mars charcoal filter seems to help (a bit), but public opinion states that these are more of a feel-good product rather than having an actual effect. One thing that people seem to agree on is they likely lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) so I may continue to use them regardless. That being said, the replacement charcoal filters for these units are hard (impossible?) to come by, so once they’re “done” they may not be replaceable, regardless of my feelings for them. For ventilation, if I can get the printer into the garage it may be a moot point. Otherwise, I’m looking at adding a power-assisted exhaust fan to my basement and hooking it directly into the enclosure surrounding the printer.

Better wash station. Right now I’m using small rubbermaid containers meant for school lunches. It means I’m changing the wash water often, and things can get a bit murky and crowded very quickly. Ideally I’d like to have a three bin system where I have the original wash, then move it to a secondary and tertiary wash. When the original wash becomes unserviceable, I’ll dump it into one of the glass jars for pre-disposal curing, and then the secondary wash becomes the original wash, and the tertiary wash the secondary. I’ll setup a new clean-water tertiary wash, and cycle through them as needed.

Design. My original goal for this was designing things that I’ve been buying online. It’s nice finding pre-cast resin bases/bits/etc online on Ebay, but waiting over a month for them to arrive can be frustrating. Plus, everything seems to be “close”, but not exactly what I was looking for. I fully intend to branch out into TinkerCAD, ZBrush, and other 3D modelling programs to try and create my own items for print. Once I start down this path, you can expect I’ll be discussing it more indepth.

Different Resin. I may try other IPA washable resins – especially because they can be blended to create a better product. Right now the water-washable works perfectly fine for me, but there really are a lot of possibilities out there for different resins. It’s safe to say I’ll stick with the manufacturer resin for the moment, until I have more experience under my belt.

Anyway, hopefully these primers help you – and if anyone has any comments, I’d love to hear them.

Author: Greg

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