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One-Hour: Tomb Raider II

Synopsis: Lara Croft is back! She’s ready to raid some more tombs with her two most precious assets! (Her pistols – what were you thinking?) Apparently, a shotgun is also required this time around, it’s possible she knows something we don’t.

The setup screen that appears before the game starts had support for 1920×1080 high-resolution true-color graphics. Because of this, I thought just maybe things would be noticeably improved over the original Tomb Raider, but how was I wrong.

Whoever play-tested this game should be fired. That’s the nicest thing I can say about it, because I only lasted 17 minutes before I rage-quit, pining for the better controls of Tomb Raider. Much like the original, Tomb Raider II assumes you have a number pad on your keyboard (which I still don’t) and without it, the gameplay is awful. I didn’t even bother trying to remap the keys this time around, it just hurt that badly.

After repeatedly trying and failing to jump over what should’ve been a dead-simple jump for our titular character, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I did get a chance to kill a random tiger, but I think that sort of thing is frowned upon these days. The sad thing is, I didn’t even make it out of the original starting point of the game. You know the one, the tutorial level that’s supposed to show how to overcome different elements you’d find later in the game. If the rest of the gameplay is going to be like this – I quit!

Thankfully this only cost $1 on Steam. I’m going to uninstall it and pray that Tomb Raider III has its act together.

Edit: I did some reading and I guess this game was released for the Playstation, which means it may play ok with a controller. I have some USB SNES style controllers and an X-Box 360 Controller. Will try these and report back. Possibly. If I get time. Nobody really knows for sure at this point.

What I like: I have nothing to say at this time.

What I don’t like: Controls that make the original Tomb Raider’s controls look good.

Would I buy it again?: Even at the $1 price-point I wouldn’t buy it again.

Game Details:

Game TypeThird-Person Adventure
PublisherCore Design, Eidos Interactive
Year Released1997
Tested PlatformPC
Author: Greg

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