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One-Hour: >Observer_

Synopsis: I went in blind on this one, other than I knew it was in my library I had no idea what I was getting into. From what I’ve seen so far, >Observer_ is a first-person detective game, set in the gritty, retro-futuristic style of Blade Runner. The protagonist’s actually played by Rutger Hauer; who was IN Blade Runner, so I can totally understand the connection. The game is centered around searching for clues, interviewing bystanders and suspects, and apparently playing a Commodore-64 era game called “With Fire and Sword: Spiders”. At least that’s what I’ve seen so far.

I like the idea behind the game, but after putting an hour in, I was ready to throw in the towel. I just can’t see myself playing much further, mostly due to the slow pace (so far), and the process of searching for clues, talking to people, repeat as needed. I can tell this is a story-centric game that will unfold over time, and will likely have some epic twists, but things weren’t progressing fast enough for my liking.

One thing I will point out is I love the whole style popularized by movies and novels like Blade Runner. You know you’re in the future, but every device has 8-bit graphics, CRT monitors, Commodore-64 Keyboards, and dial-up modems, and I can’t help but think that people in 1982 really thought the future would look like this.

Edit: After going to the official website to confirm exact publishers, here’s their description for the game: “Cyberpunk Horror”, with this rating:


Daaaaamn …. Maybe I will come back to this after-all.

What I like: Blade Runner-esque Cyberpunk feel

What I don’t like: Voice acting of secondary characters feels forced. The on-screen indicator is a single pixel in the middle of the screen, I thought I had a pixel die on my monitor. Somewhat slow pace. Not a huge fan of detective games.

Would I buy it again?: Probably Not Maybe? We’ll see if I come back to it.

Game Details:

Game TypePsychological Cyberpunk Horror (First Person Detective)
PublisherBloober Games, Aspyr Media
Year Released2017
Tested PlatformPC
Author: Greg

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