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One-Hour: Inside

Synopsis: Today’s entry is a bit of a cheat. I’ve already played Inside – in fact, I’ve played it all the way through (which is a rarity these days). But I had to mention it here because it’s a phenomenal game. Inside and Limbo, both from Playdead Studios are the pinnacle in atmospheric side-scrolling puzzle horror games. (There are more in this genre, I’ve checked.) I’ve played and beaten both (and I’ll talk about Limbo in another post), and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Inside follows a young unnamed protagonist, running from horrors unknown in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic dark future. The narrative unfolds as the game is played, but nothing is ever really explained. Every answer brings even more questions. Gameplay-wise, Inside has extremely simple controls: left/right, jump, and an action key. There’s no health bar, danger or progress indicators; your character is either dead or alive. Also, there’s no tutorial to welcome you to the game, you’re thrown into this horrible future with nobody to help you. Thankfully, if you die, you automatically restart at the last checkpoint. Which I found myself doing often, but I never reached the “this isn’t worth it” point. One of the things I really liked about inside was the ability to play for a bit and then walk away, however, it kept me hooked and I ended up playing it every chance I got.

What I like: Graphics, story, gameplay, atmosphere, puzzles

What I don’t like: I wish the game lasted longer, it can be played through in a few hours

Would I buy it again?: Yes

Game Details:

Game TypeAtmospheric Side-Scroller Puzzle Horror
PublisherPlaydead Studios
Year Released2016
Tested PlatformPC
Author: Greg

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