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One-Hour: Crysis Remastered

Synopsis: It’s time to answer the age-old question: “But can it play Crysis?” The answer is yes, yes it can. On low settings – across the board. Even on low, this game is gorgeous and honestly may be the driver towards me getting an RTX capable card. I briefly turned the settings up to get the true Crysis experience and I saw God.

I’ve only played an hour (such-is the title of these articles) but what I can tell you so far: Crysis is a first-person story-driven shooter, where you and a team of super-soldiers (with super suits) are tasked with taking care of an island overrun by North Korean operatives. Except there’s something far more sinister on the island hunting your team. Basically, it’s the movie Predator.

What I like: I love story-driven first-person shooters. Frequent checkpoint saves mean I can pick up and play for 10-15 minutes at a time. Fantastic graphics. Cool super-suit features without feeling too over-the-top.

What I don’t like: My only nitpick is you’re clearly a super-soldier with a fancy suit and a fancy gun, yet your character’s aim is atrocious. (It’s also entirely possible that the bullet physics in this game are more realistic and I’ve just become accustomed to the way other shooters play). The angry noise of a GeForce 1060 screaming “Why me?” can be a bit distracting.

Would I buy it again?: Yes

Game Details:

Game TypeStory-Driven First-Person Shooter
PublisherCrytek / Saber Interactive
Year Released2007 (Original), 2020 (Remastered)
Tested PlatformPC
Author: Greg

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