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One-Hour: Beyond: Two Souls

Synopsis: I picked up a used PS4 Pro about a year or so ago, and added a “Playstation Now” subscription almost immediately. I downloaded a few familiar favourites, and on a whim, grabbed “Beyond: Two Souls” on March 29, 2020. So about a year to the day later, I finally got around to playing it.

If I’d known what I was in for, I would’ve played sooner. I would have to describe Beyond: Two Souls as a choose your own adventure game, which takes the best elements from Fringe, Stranger Things, and Memento. Basically, Beyond: Two Souls is a movie that just happens to look like a video game. In addition to the movie-esque nature of the game, the protagonist is voiced by Elliott Page, and one of the major characters is voiced by Willem Defoe.

So what’s it about then? Well to be honest, I’m still trying to figure it out. What I know so far is you play as Jodie Holmes in various stages in her life – as a younger child, a teenager, and as an adult. Each of these chapters happens out of order – for one chapter you’re a full fledged CIA operative, to be followed by a chapter where you’re about 8 years old, at home with your mom. Along for the ride is Aiden (* pronounced eye-den), an invisible supernatural? being that allows Jodie to remotely manipulate the environment and see things happening from a distance.

To progress through each chapter, you’re presented by a series of choices. Each choice determines the outcome of the chapter, and at the end of the chapter you’re presented with a summary of the choices you made. These are compared to other people who have played the game, so you can see how far you’ve strayed from the rest of the pack.

The idea of this exercise was to spend “at least an hour” and I’ve definitely exceeded that mark. I’m about 2-3 hours in at this point and even my wife (who doesn’t really love games) is hanging out watching me play. I anticipate this will be one that consumes me for the next week or so – in fact, I’ve only taken a break to write this entry in the blog.

Please forgive the screenshot as it comes from the Steam entry for the game – I’ve been striving to get actual “one-hour in” in-game screenshots but I haven’t figured out how to save screencaps on the PS4 yet. Soon!

Edit: I was right – I’ve become obsessed with beating this game and have been working my way through it every chance I can get since I wrote this post. It’s the most videogame fun I’ve had since the original God of War, and possibly Shadow of the Colossus.

What I like: Fantastic plot & graphics, the voice acting is on-point, “random” controls for every level/action, non-sequential plotline, available on PS Now.

What I don’t like: Everything was going swimmingly until I saw the mannequin head with a wig in the shadows of the garage. Oh hell no – I’m not going anywhere near that thing. (Edit: Things got way more intense after this, but I feel I’ve grown enough as a person that I can handle it now)

Would I buy it again?: Definitely

Game Details:

Game TypeAction Adventure Psychological Thriller
PublisherQuantic Dream, Sony Interactive
Year Released2013 (Original), 2015 (Playstation 4)
StorefrontPlaystation Now
Tested PlatformPlaystation 4 Pro
Author: Greg

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