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One-Hour: Another World (20th Anniversary)

Synopsis: I was going to write an article on how pivotal the game Another World is, and how it stands the test of time, but is there really any need? Sure all of the games I’ve talked about so far have been reviewed elsewhere, but numerous essays have been written about Another World, deconstructing its design, graphics, audio, gameplay, and plot.

Since it is an older game, and I really don’t know who my target audience is; let’s start with the basics. Another World (or as I knew it when I first played it, “Out of this World”) is a side-scrolling game from 1991 that blew everyone’s mind when it came out. The graphics quite literally were “Out of this World”, as they were rotoscoped over actual footage of the game designer himself performing the character’s actions. This meant that the animation felt more fluid and natural than other games at the time. Plus it played like a movie; which seems to be a theme for this blog these days.

The plot is pretty simple; you’re a super-cool scientist with a Ferrari and an underground particle accelerator. Running some late night experiments during a lightning storm causes the lab to be transported to (wait for it!) – Another World. Surprisingly your character takes this rather well, and he starts running, jumping and gunning his way out of the situation he’s suddenly found himself in.

Another World has been described as “The game of a million deaths” and it’s not an understatement. I started playing it on a whim to kill some time, and I died approximately 98 times in an hour. If you make the smallest mistake in Another World, you die. My kids who were watching me play demanded the controller, insisting they could do better. Spoiler alert – they couldn’t. That being said, it’s been great fun yelling at the screen, trying to influence characters who clearly can’t hear what we’re saying. Thankfully the game has automatic save points because if I had to start the game from scratch every time I died, my controller would’ve been thrown at the TV by now.

What I like: Straight-up nostalgia factor – this game is a classic from my youth. Being able to play a game I played as a kid, with my kids. Getting to say “When I was your age” repeatedly as my kids play.

What I don’t like: No complaints here – the game is known for being hard-as-nails to beat, and I’m ok with that.

Would I buy it again?: For sure, I pick it up every few years on various platforms. The graphics have been slightly updated over time but it never loses it’s original feel. Right now it’s on Playstation Now so it’s basically “free”.

Game Details:

Game TypeSide-Scrolling Platform Adventure
PublisherDelphine Software (Original) , Headup Games (20th)
Year Released1991 (Original), 2011-2013 (Re-release)
StorefrontPlaystation Now
Tested PlatformPlaystation 4 Pro
Author: Greg

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