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One-Hour: 20XX

Synopsis: My initial reaction to 20XX is “Oh this is totally Megaman” and it is, kind of? But not really; it’s more of an homage to Megaman. Kind of a love-letter to the entire Megaman franchise. The graphics are a lot smoother, but the music is completely classic Nintendo. A lot of the classic Megaman gameplay lives in 20XX, such as moving platforms, robot baddies, power upgrades, you name it. Even the double airlock door when fighting a boss is straight-up Megaman. What 20XX brings to the table to set it apart are challenge modes, random levels, in-level power-ups (instead of killing a boss and inheriting their power), permanent upgrades, and two-player support. One thing the dev team nailed, is the concept of “Nintendo-Hard”. I died so many times playing this game, and the level summary screen had no trouble mocking my performance.

I’d heard 20XX was really good, and as someone who is a product of the Nintendo generation I wish I’d played it sooner.

What I like: Awesome graphics and music; X-Box 360 controls, level design, gameplay, able to pick up and play one or two levels

What I don’t like: Even on easy I’m terrible at this game, but this is just motivation to try harder. One thing I really don’t like is the dash+jump button combo, it was responsible for about 90% of my deaths.

Would I buy it again?: Yes

Game Details:

Game TypeClassic Platformer
PublisherBatterystaple Games
Year Released2016
Tested PlatformPC
Author: Greg

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