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Introducing: One-Hour Reviews

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for giveaways, monthly bundles, preorders, and Steam sales. Because of this, I’ve amassed a rather significant collection of games that I’ve honestly never played. Mostly this is because I have a pretty busy schedule with work and family life – I don’t have the time to pick up a new game and really “get into it”. While I can use the “my family takes up most of my time” excuse, there’s no good reason for me to not at least install the game and try it out. I’ve decided that it’s finally time to play the games I have before buying a new one. My goal is to spend at least one hour playing every game I have and reviewing it on this site. While I’m sure all of these games have been reviewed elsewhere, my goal is to approach the review from a “is this game worth picking up, if you have a limited schedule?” point of view.

I’ll break each review down into the platform I played it on, the type of game, a quick gameplay summary, and whether or not I’ll continue playing the game after the review is completed. Hopefully this is informative and interesting, and if there’s any feedback I’d love to hear it. I should have the first reviews up over the next few days.

Author: Greg

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