Good news everyone! I escaped the valley!

After my last post I honestly didn’t spend a lot more time in Stardew Valley. After my grandfather came back from the dead and only gave me 3/4 on the farm rating scale, I just didn’t have the heart to keep going. I played for a few in-game days, but once you’ve reached a point where money just doesn’t matter the game loses a bit of lustre. It’s not the games fault (there’s totally tons more to do that I know I haven’t seen yet, like the destruction of the joja mart), I just wasn’t feeling it.

Realizing my previous post may have contained some pretty dark gallows-esque humour regarding my digital offspring, I decided to at least wait a bit longer and see what became of my in-game family. My virtual daughter was born and is currently enjoying hanging out in her digital crib. I’m keeping the save file around, in case I want to visit her in the future. (Oh and if you’re concerned about Pam and her drinking problem, it existed long before I arrived in Stardew Valley. There’s a good reason the bus was broken in the first place.)

One thing I wish I’d done sooner was installed the extended dialogue mod that adds 2,500 new lines of speech to the non-player characters. After hearing Shane tell me – again – that he rents a room from his Aunt (it’s small but he can’t complain), I needed a break from the vanilla sentences each character cycles through. If you’re new to the Valley, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Up next I’ll be taking an “in-depth” look at Final Fantasy XIV Online, my new digital addiction. I say in-depth in quotes as I’ve only put about 20 hours in so far, which barely scratches the surface. So much for my one-hour reviews.

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