photo of sea near cave


Welcome! I figured now that I’m back on a somewhat regular update schedule, I should explain what I’m doing here. You’ve reached my personal blog – a space for me to dump my random thoughts, observations and commentaries on things that interest me. What interests me is always in a state of constant motion but generally it always comes back to a these core topics:

  • Computers – programming and gaming
  • 90’s nostalgia
  • Model Kits – Planes, Gundam, submarines, and the occasional boat or car
  • Wargaming, specifically Warhammer / Warhammer 40K (Is D&D a wargame? Whatever – I’m putting it on the list.)
  • Backyard grilling, smoking, and pizza making
  • Trivia and factoids

Speaking of factoids, I also love segues and lists so here’s some additional fun facts about me. This may help you understand what you’re dealing with here.

  • I was raised on GI Joe and Transformers
  • #IAmCanadian
  • Snorlax is my spirit animal
  • Star Wars 4-6 were perfection, 1-3 weren’t too bad, 7 was ok-ish, 8-9 didn’t happen

FAQ (It’s a short one, don’t worry).

Q: What is a “neon crayon”?

A: neoncrayon is something I came up with in the 90’s that meant nothing and was used as the name of my BBS (the logo is in the header here), a business for a period of time, and now this blog. It still doesn’t “mean” anything but definitely generates weird looks when I give my email address to people.

Obligatory disclaimer: I generally try to stay away from anything too polarizing here, but regardless – the opinions on this site are mine (and mine alone) and do not represent the opinion or position of my employer. From time to time I may link to an external third party site – in these cases, it does not mean I necessarily support all views and opinions of the site I’ve linked.

If you’d like to reach out, please send me a note below. I look forward to hearing from you. (Unless you’re a spam bot, are affiliated with my car’s warranty, or are from an air duct cleaning service).