Valheim Story - Part Five

A Valheim Story – Part Five

I thought my four-part Valheim story had been concluded, and perhaps it had – but things have happened since then.

Our journey to the Elder took us from the relative comfort of our starting area, through the Black Forest to the Ocean, where we built a small Viking ship called a Karve. Aboard this ship we sailed across the Ocean, to find Maui and restore the heart… No wait – that’s the plot to Moana.

Aboard the Karve, we sailed to the Elder’s island. The actual story of how we dispatched the Elder can be found in the first parts of this story. What makes this story relevant is that we had built a boat, and we wanted more. The Karve is a perfectly serviceable boat, it just lacks the amount of storage space we’d require to bring back the various materials we would soon collect from faraway lands.

Jeremy wasn’t available for our weekly gaming session, so Ryan and I set out in the Karve to locate the Swamp biome, and more importantly Iron, with which we would gain the ability to build a more suitable Viking ship befitting our station.

Friends, I can assure you – the horrors of the Swamps are true. In the Black Forest, the Trolls that used to terrify me were now no match for my bronze weapons. I could easily solo two Trolls, with only a bit of difficulty if a third arrived. So it should come as no surprise that the Swamp claimed my life almost immediately. I’d like to say things got better for me in the Swamp after that, but I died – a lot. Everything hits harder in the Swamps and the hits are usually accompanied by poison. If you aren’t prepared, it’s very easy to die out here.

Eventually, we succeeded in our task and had obtained the necessary Iron we needed for our longboat. When that thing splashed down in the water beside our small swamp base, I think I saw god. The Viking Longboat in Valheim is like a 1965 Chrysler 300 – it’s as big as a whale, and it’s about to set sail. (Just a little B52’s reference for you) By comparison, the Karve feels like a Honda Civic hatchback. Pleased with our latest build, we called it a night just after 1:00 am.

I hopped on briefly during the day today to do some quick farming and store all of the materials I’d brought back from the Swamp. Going through the inventory, I realized that our fine wood supply obtained exclusively from Birch and Oak trees was virtually non-existent. The longboat purchase had really cleaned out the accounts. Something Ryan had mentioned early on was that Birch and Oak can’t be regrown, so in order to have a random-looking forest around the base, it’s better to venture further away, cut the wood, and then bring it back.

Something else occurred to me then. Something I’m not proud of, but something nonetheless. Our previous world, the one we’d abandoned in favor of this one, still existed. I had left it and the Troll behind, but I never deleted the save file for the world. And sitting in that world were two very important things: A whole beach which had been clear-cut except for Oak and Birch trees, and possibly more importantly, a goddamn Troll who had made my life a living hell. I felt like the kid who had moved away from a small town, having been bullied his entire life. Well I was an adult now and it was finally time to go home. It was time for revenge.

I logged into the old world, and because time doesn’t pass if nobody is signed in, there he was. The Troll, looking smug as ever, still waiting for me to return. Except for this time, I came bearing gifts in the form of poison arrows – he never stood a chance. When the Troll fell, I set about my task. Finding the Birch and Oak trees was easy, as they were the only ones still standing after we’d clear-cut the forest. It took a few trips, but I was able to replenish our dwindling supply of wood in our new world on the dedicated server. It could be considered cheating, but it’s not like I used a dev code to generate the resources – the trees still had to be chopped down. It still counts, right?


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