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11 Days of Code – Progress Report

So I’m behind schedule – this is obvious. I took a vacation last week, and leading into the vacation I pulled some really long hours at work to make sure last week would be a pretty quiet week. (Yes, I work one of those jobs where I sometimes have to stop my vacation if something comes up). With that in mind, I didn’t do a lot of coding before vacation, during vacation, or after vacation. I’m also pretty ADHD at times, so getting back into a zone is difficult if my mind just isn’t with it.

Hoping this post will kickstart that initiative and drive again. A quick progress report to go over what I’ve learned, etc. I also want to talk about some of my holdups and how I intend to address these going forward.

So as far as coding goes, I’ve actually learned quite a bit. Variables, arrays, if/else, foreach, functions, partials, ternary operators, superglobals (and more) – I think the course is moving along at quite a good clip. (Maybe sometimes a bit too fast, but that’s ok!) As far as holdups, the issue I’m faced with right now is I don’t have a good ‘day’ time to do anything. It’s either really early mornings, or really late evenings.

To combat this, I’m going to try to find some more reasonable times to work on this stuff, maybe right after dinner for an hour. Then I’ll still have a few hours to hang out with the kids before bed, and I won’t be so tired when I’m learning. I’m also going to try to cut back on Simpsons reruns, and read a coding book instead for that half hour.

Finally, I’m going to double down a bit and try to do 2-3 lessons a day until I have a good buffer under my belt. It also means that I can get to developing my own app a bit sooner (I have a good ‘if it breaks, nobody will ever see it anyway’ application idea for me to work on as a learning project). The one thing I need to keep reminding myself is I need to slow down – slower is better. I want to keep moving forward, but I also don’t want to rush forward and not actually retain the information.

Up next, Day 12. Which is pretty exciting, as we’re moving into databases!

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