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Folks, I’ve messed up. I’m putting day 13 in the title bar but to be honest, I have no idea day I’m actually on. With the end of summer, the return to school, and the hectic schedule that follows, I’ve been sliding in my programming journey whenever possible and now I have no idea what has transpired on what day since the last time I updated this blog.

So instead, let’s talk about what the app does, to this point – and what I have planned next. Right now, the system allows someone to visit the page, retrieve a list of notes from a MySQL database, click on a note, and see the contents. The user can visit a form and add a new note through the form. There is a simple authorization method that confirms the user viewing the note is authorized to see the note – but for now, the user ID is hard coded. There’s also a validator that confirms the new note is of a certain length (between 1 and 1000 characters).

One thing I’ll mention is at this point – Many of the conventions I used when I last really worked with PHP and HTML are starting to feel foreign to me. The “old way” of doing things is apparently “so last year” (in my case, last decade or two), so I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (yet) but it does mean I’ll have to branch out and do some learning on the side to figure out what else has changed since I did this last. For example, there are some new HTML tags (like “button”) that are totally new to me.

In the last few episodes, there’s also been some discussion of things that I felt moved a bit too quickly. Before I continue with the course, I’m going to take some time and report back on each of these individually. Specifically:

  • Classes
  • Namespaces
  • PHP Idempotency
  • REST/RESTful

I thought I had classes sorted out, but I’m adding it back to the list. I think there’s a lot more going on here than I originally assumed, so I want to really know what I’m talking about before I move on. I’ll throw together a summary blog-post of what I discover.

No code block today – sorry!

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