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Hardware Monitoring Software

CPU-Z – Basic information on processor, cache, motherboard, memory, SPD, graphics. Includes benchmarking and stress testing. (freeware)

HWiNFO64 – Comprehensive information on processor, graphics, motherboard, memory, audio, network, etc. (freeware)


Rufus – The best application for creating bootable USB drives from .ISO files. (freeware)

Ninite – Create a single Windows installer for most common apps (browsers, image editors, messaging, media, etc.) (freeware)

BlueScreenView – Scans minidump files created when Windows crashes with a “Blue Screen of Death” and displays the informaton in a table. (freeware)

Security / Antivirus / Antimalware

ComboFix – My go-to application for clearing out pesky malware and viruses. It’s like a giant shot of penicillin to an infected computer. Only works up to Windows 8 – 8.1 and 10 not supported. (freeware)

Bitdefender Free – My preferred free antivirus solution (freeware, account registration required)

Cool Tools

VirtualBox – AMD64/Intel64 virtualization software for Windows, Linux, MacOS. (freeware)